Hi. I am a freelance teacher, offering online tutoring via Skype. I am also available to meet in person with students who can meet me in Berkeley, California.



I offer academic tutoring in the following subjects: physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, math, statistics, economics, finance. For more information, click here.


I do not offer test prep for standardized tests such as the MCAT.


The fee for the summer term is $60/hour. I do not offer any discounts.


I charge by the hour, not by the person. This means that I charge the same total fee regardless of how many students participate in each session, so that you can participate in a session along with other students and split the $60/hour fee with them. For example, the charge for a meeting with two students would be $30/hour for each student; the charge for a meeting with three students would be $20/hour for each student; etc. As many students as you like can participate in each session, whether the session is in-person or online. For Skype sessions with multiple students, it is fine for each student to be using a different computer.


Each session is two hours long.



I work only with students who have ample time to study between tutoring sessions. After each session, the student is expected to carefully review their notes from that session. This involves redoing each of the practice problems from the session, as well as memorizing any key ideas from the session. In addition, the student is expected to regularly review the material from all the previous sessions, to make sure that they retain mastery of the material from those previous sessions. In addition, I will assign “homework” problems to the student after each session; the student is expected to carefully and thoughtfully complete these problems before the next session. At the beginning of each session, I will quiz the student on material covered in previous sessions. We will not move on to new material until the student has demonstrated mastery of the previous material.


I do not give direct assistance with specific problems from course homework assignments, lab reports, or class projects. Instead, I cover concepts and problem-solving techniques so that the student can complete assignments on their own.



I record all sessions and post them to YouTube. For recordings of previous sessions, click here.


For Skype tutoring, after our first session, if you decide you want to schedule further sessions, you will need to purchase a digital drawing tablet (unless you already own one) to use when we are working on practice problems, so that I can see your work on the problems during the sessions and so that this work can be included in the videos. I suggest this one: Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Tablet (CTH480)


For in-person tutoring, when we are working on practice problems, the student will use a digital drawing tablet (provided by me), so that this work can be included in the video. After the session, I will send the student a printable document containing this work for the student’s notes.



My availability can fluctuate suddenly and unpredictably. I cannot give advance notice for when I will be unavailable. I do not guarantee availability and may become temporarily or permanently unavailable, without notice, at any point during the term.



You can contact me at steven@freelance-teacher.com.